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In Proceedings

  • 6th International Conference on Chemical Technology, Mikulov, Czech Republic, April 16 - 18, 2018
    • Properties and Composition of Bio-Oil Hydrodeoxygenation Products: Paper
    • Comparison of Sulphidic and Non-Sulphidic Catalysts for Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Hydrotreating: Paper
  • 11th International Colloquium Fuels, Conventional and Future Energy for Automobiles, Esslingen, Germany, June 27 - 29, 2017
    • Fuels from Reliable Bio-based Refinery Intermediates - BioMates: Paper
  • 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden, June 12 - 15, 2017
    • Reliable Bio-based Refinery Intermediates - BioMates: Paper - Poster
    • Producing Single Phase Fast Pyrolysis Oils From Straw by Staged Condensation - BioMates: Paper - Poster



European Commission  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727463

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